Monday, February 8, 2010

BCEQ - introduction

Basic to civil engineering quantities. INTRODUCTION.

1. Introduction

-Type of tender -Tender Document -Important definitions related to civil engineering quantities -Comparison between BSMM and CESMM.

2. Common types of contracts used in construction industry

-Lump sum (LS) contract -Measurement contract - Schedule of Rate - Bill of Quantity (BQ)

3. Taking-off Quantities for Building & Civil Engineering Works

-Prepare take-off sheet and bill of quantities, for: - Building works (for slab, beam, column, foundation) - Civil engineering works

4. Estimation of Major Elements of the Construction Industry

-Prepare cost estimation for building and civil engineering work on 3 resources, i.e. manpower, equipment and material.

  1. list out the different types of tender and content of a tender document.
  2. identify the differences between BuildingStandardMethodofMeasurement(BSMM) and CivilEngineeringStandardMethodsofMeasurement(CESMM).
  3. prepare taking off sheet and bill of quantities from building or civil engineering drawings in accordance to BSMM or CESMM.
  4. identify major elements and estimate total cost of building or civil engineering works.

Teaching Methodology:-
  1. lectures
  2. reading materials (including web based)
  3. projects

Assessment:- (to be confirmed later)
Test 1 (30%) - (22/8/2009, 2-4pm, Laman Perdana)
Test 2 (30%) - (10/10/2009, 8-10am, Laman Perdana)
Group Project
Individual Project/Assignment
TOTAL (100%)

mohamad zain bin hashim
EXT3446 (room 4.72, Perdana building)

  1. MC is accepted for attendance purposes only. Absences will result in a grade of zero for quiz and tutorial.
  2. assignment will be collected on the specified dates only. Late assignment will not be graded.
  3. students are expected to be punctual for all classes.
  4. Attendance is compulsory.

  1. Ivor H. Seeley and George I Murray. 2001, palgrave, New york.
  2. Standard Method of Measurement of Building Works, Institution of Surveyors (Malaysia), Malaysia.
  3. Civil Engineering Standard Method of Measurement, Jabatan Kerja Raya, Malaysia.
  4. Ivor. HS (1983), Civil Engineering Quantities (Macmillan Building and surveying Series), palgrave macmillan.

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